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Sleep – peaceful, rejuvenating, therapeutic.
Sleep – the best meditation, according to Dalai Lama XIV.

GHCL has been working on combining the goodness of sleep with the health and wellness benefits of specific sustainable fibers, special infused yarns, select weaves and finishes.

Your wellness is of paramount importance to us and has spurred us to create Meditasi – the Malay word for meditation.

Indulge. Be well. Stay healthy,


Rekoop bedding is made by blending cotton with polyester fiber obtained from recycling PET bottles. It is sustainable, durable and free of any hazardous chemicals. What makes our bedding special? The fact that molecular tagging of the recycled fiber secures its complete authenticity and traceability.

Digital Thread Dyeing

Twine is revolutionizing the textile industry by changing thread dyeing to a digital, clean, in-house, on-demand production.

Twine’s Digital Thread Dyeing process does not require any water and eliminates thread waste, making the process significantly more sustainable. Dyeing thread with Twine’s TS-1800 also eliminates volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and the energy consumed in daily logistics and conventional procurement processes.

CertainT Platform

The CertainT® platform has three technology pillars (Tag, Test, Track) which allows raw materials and products to be tagged with a unique molecular identifier. This identifier can then be tested for its presence as it travels throughout a global supply chain. All the data points associated to tagging and testing are tracked by uploading to a secure cloud database. The platform can be used across industries such as textiles, cannabis, military, leather, fertilizer, pharmaceuticals, personal care.


DyeCoo‘s mission is to passionately lead the textile industry to a lean and clean future. DyeCoo’s CO₂ technology is the world’s first 100% water-free and process chemical-free textile processing solution. Providing geographical freedom from water sources and offering textile manufacturers a head start on legislation that restricts the use of hazardous process chemicals. Its low operating costs allow you to elevate your short-term results and long-term ambitions. Lean and clean.

DyeCoo, based in Weesp, the Netherlands has more than 15 years of experience in CO₂ technology. With extensive knowledge in design and engineering of CO₂ equipment, DyeCoo provides clean textile processing solutions on an industrial scale.

Cadel Deinking

CADEL DEINKING is a technical company created to implement an innovative plastic recycling process that can remove printed ink from plastic surfaces in recycling and converting companies.

The technology developed by CADEL DEINKING lets us remove ink from plastic before it is recycled and obtain a product with a quality similar to that of new plastic. It can therefore be used in the same applications as a new material. This technology is unique in the world, and its patent has been extended to more than 20 countries.

CADEL DEINKING owns a pilot plant in San Vicente de Raspeig (Alicante) that can process the material, following all the steps of industrial production. In this plant, CADEL DEINKING has demonstrated the viability of the process for companies interested in acquiring the technology, mainly large film printers and recyclers.

The deinking tests carried out in the plant with the customers’ material are a key step before licensing the technology and developing the engineering in their own plants. The companies that choose to install a deinking plant in their factories will see their competitiveness increasing, because they are going to offer their customers a high-quality recycled material.

CADEL DEINKING is working in the same direction as other industries who are trying to improve the quality of products with ever more sustainable processes and methods.


Zippers and buttons make garment recycling complicated as the removal of such details calls for manual assistance, making the process both costly and time consuming.

Resortecs® solves this problem by supplying a thread that simply dissolves at a high temperature.

This stitching thread works double wonders – it makes both repairing and recycling a breeze. When used for regular seams, the whole piece of clothing can easily be disassembled so that the fabric can be used over and over in new ways, cutting the need to produce fabric from scratch.

Stitch by stitch, Resortecs® brings new life to fashion.


Smartex is an engineered solution to help textile manufacturers improve production yields, by reducing defective production to nearly 0%, by providing quality inspection and monitoring software, suitable for Business Intelligence analysis.

The system is a non-intrusive product, designed to be easily plugged into Circular Knitting Machines. Using signal acquisition devices, sensors, and processing units, Smartex system detects production faults in the output fabric, in real-time and in-line with production, alerting workers and stopping production if the fault is cyclic.

Smartex provides manufacturers as well with a quality monitoring software, that overviews all knitting machines where Smartex is installed, extracting all available data from the machine, providing production statistics and helpful insights.

Airlaid Fusion Technology for Nonwovens

The idea behind Advance Nonwoven’s patented Carding Airlaid Fusion Technology (CAFT) arose in 2006 with the objective of creating new commercial opportunities for sustainable and renewable products made from natural fibres, waste or recycled material, where we supply the manufacturing equipment.

The mission was and still is to develop and engineer a technology that can up-cycle or recycle, what has previously been considered low-value, non-usable fibers and waste, into high-value products and materials.

This solution provides sustainable alternatives to a wide range of offerings such as insulation for buildings and machines, acoustic matts, furniture upholstery, growth mats for agriculture, food packaging and hard composition materials.