Unilever is Embedding Circular Thinking

Unilever is concentrating on five broad, interdependent areas to create a circular economy for plastic packaging. We have quoted the following from their site

  1. Rethinking how we design our products, so we use less plastic, better plastic, or no plastic: using our Design for Recyclability guidelines that we launched in 2014 and revised in 2017, we’re exploring areas such as modular packaging, design for disassembly and reassembly, wider use of refills, recycling and using post-consumer recycled materials in innovative ways.
  2. Driving systemic change in circular thinking at an industry level: such as through our work with the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, including the New Plastics Economy.
  3. Working with governments to create an environment that enables the creation of a circular economy, including the necessary infrastructure to collect and recycle materials.
  4. Working with consumers in areas such as recycling – to ensure different disposal methods are clear (eg recycling labels in the US) – and collection facilities (eg Waste Bank in Indonesia).
  5. Exploring radical and innovative approaches to circular economy thinking through new business models.

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